100% plant-based menu

In Vital Hotel Novina 100% plant menu is waiting for you. Provided food includes colorful tasty breakfasts and dinners. The philosophy of Vital Hotel Novina is support of human healt and bliss of nature. That is the reason, why we cook for you in vegan way.

We think that animal products harm human body and their production has very negative effect also for the environment. We belive that people who are interested in ecology should be interested also in plant diet.

It doesn’t mean that only vegans and vegeterians are welcome in our hotel. We would like to invite also people who usually does not eat in vegan/vegetarian way. We would like to show you that plant diet is really tasty, colorful and balanced if you know how to cook. (As you can see on the picture).

We cook from really quality products and one of main ingredients is also love and compassion.

We belive you will enjoy our meals. Good appetite and see you soon!