Enjoy comfort in the middle of the nature

Our hotel is great place for families with kids, friends, couples, but also for seminars, lectures, business meetings or other social activities.

In hotel Novina you can find nice dining room with fireplace. From windows you can observe breathtaking meadows and forests. We have rooms with 2-5 beds and all of them have their own toilets and bathrooms. Accomodation includes also bike storage, trampoline and sandbox for children. Novina has also big hall – great for social activities, exercises, relaxing or whatever you would need.

Because of the nature and animals who live near to hotel and because we would like to create calm environment for everyone, please take only calmer dogs who won’t hunt wild animals around hotel. Thank you very much for understanding.

We provide 100% plant diet: 

Breakfast – you can choose from several meals – pastry, cereals, vegen cheese, vegan ham, fruit, vegetables, fresh drinks and so on…

Dinner – includes soup, hot meal and tea or coffee

Snack and fresh juices during day – is possible to buy