What interesting places can you find around Novina ?koláž okolí finále

Kryštofovo Údolí is great village for relaxation. It was created in 16th century by miners and was settled from three smaller villages – Rokytka, Bezové údolí and Novina.

In Kryštofovo údolí you can visit Astronomical clock with 22 wooden figures – 18 of them are movable. You can admire also Museum of folk cribs, where you can find peaces up from year 1846. You may like also the old bridge with statue of Jan nepomucký or the Chapel of St. Kryštof.

You should visit also Lužické mountains, Jizerské mountains, Ještěd mountain, city of LiberecLember castle, Grabštejn castle. Area of Novina is suitable for summer and winter sports, mushroom picking, cykling, swimming, cross – country skiing and other activities.

Village is very easily aviable by car, bus and train. Journey from Prague to Kryštofovo Údolí takes just about one hour by car. Train stop is just 15 minutes of walking from the hotel Novina.

Other insteresting places for visit:

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